We are currently adjusting our App Pricing. Please check back soon.
If you are interested in Radio Apps, Contact Us for a call back.

All packages include:
App Hosting, CMS Dashboard, Mobile App Landing Page, QR Code, Social Media Links to Promote App, Analytics, Knowledge Base Online 24/7, E-Mail Support during normal business hours.

We will setup custom graphics and default pages including Radio Stream(s), RSS Feeds, DjS, Upcoming Events, Social Pages, Request Form, VIP Club links, Message Centre, other website related items.

Client will have the option with any package to create additional content pages and add other items, such as: external links, teir pages, directions, photo gallery, product shopping,  forms, content favorites, geo listings, loyalty points, loyalty card, coupons, quizzes, video directory, and use a booking system.

Additional Fees

To publish to Google Play Store ($25 One-Time, optional)

To publish to the Google Play store. By default we will release under our Pivot Radio, LLC developer account at no cost to you. Clients do have the option to release under your own account. You can make sure the app is in your name in the store by signing up for an account here:


If you sign up for your own account, you can invite us as administrators using this process:

How can I make Pivot Radio, LLC an admin through my Google Play developer account?

To publish to the iTunes Store ($99/yr)

To publish to the iTunes Store, Apple requires you to have your own iOS Developer Account Program account. This is a paid account, which costs $99 yearly to maintain an active status. You can sign up for this account here:

When you sign up for your accounts, you need enter this data in the app builder by going to Settings -> Publish info and then select the platform that you need.

In case you had any issues with updating this info, or if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us using the contact form on our website. Thanks!

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