We are already present on social media, iTunes radio and have our own website – why do we need an app?

  • Judging from current social media trends, you may end up paying more and more to reach existing fans, while with an app you can contact all users without any obstacles or hidden costs!
  • Using push notifications, you can be sure that special messages or important news will show up on your listeners mobile screen in a second, at their fingertips.
  • An app stays on the user’s smartphone and gives your radio station its own corner of the listener’s device – which is not the case with a website.
  • Apple iTunes radio is no longer a free service – this will negatively affect the number of listeners.

We don’t have time for app maintenance

  • We are responsible for providing the app itself, its design and functional aspects, you are only responsible for content.

How will we get people to use our app?

  • Use your regular advertising channels to advertise your app: this can be your  billboard, Instagram, Facebook page, print material or all that combined.
  • Organize a social media contest to reward new app users and encourage social sharing.
  • Ask the employees to spread the word about your app during a radio program.

How will my business profit increase by offering an app?

  • Generate additional income through advertising sales.
  • Raise brand value.
  • Gain more listeners and sponsors.

How can I make Pivot Radio, LLC an admin through my Google Play developer account?

We take our customer’s personal account privacy very seriously, and understand that some Google Play developer accounts are also tied to your Gmail account, and more. For this reason we suggest adding Pivot Radio, LLC as application moderators in order to publish your apps for you.

Google Play has a feature which allows you to add our company as an administrator on your developer account, but prevents us from accessing any other part of your Google-based account.

Here are the steps to add Pivot Radio, LLC as a developer account administrator:


  1. Sign in to your google Play developer account at: http://play.google.com/apps/publish
  2. Click on the little cog icon on the left side
  3. Click on the User accounts & rights
  4. Click on the Invite new user button

    When you click on the button, you will get a popup that you can use to enter our e-mail address. You should enter: [email protected]
  5.  We’ll receive an email at [email protected] and confirm this invitation. You can verify that the account is properly added if it is under the “Users with access” part of the page under Users accounts and rights section.

    After we accept the invitation the process is complete! We can now access the Developer Account portion of your Google account, while allowing to retain your overall privacy.

Pivot Radio Apps easy to manage with our easy to use dashboard

  • No coding skills required.
  • Drag and drop interface.
  • Extremely user friendly!
  • Preview in native preview app

Import or create content with a powerful CMS

  • Support for mutilple content sources.
  • Custom content modules available.
  • Sync your database through Amplify API.

Analyze your user behavior and optimize your app

  • Active users, sessions, retention.
  • User activity: shouts, checkins, deals redeemed…
  • User management: add, delete, block…
  • Built in push notification dispatcher.

Multiple modules to monetize your users and generate profits

  • Turn your app into a money making machine.
  • Mobile usage is growing. Don’t miss the boat!
  • Turn your online store into a branded app in just a few minutes
  • Integrated with your Shopify store
  • Charge local SMBs to be featured in the app
  • Run loyalty program for local SMBs
  • Promote local events
  • Support for all ad networks
  • Native DFP support
  • Total control of the advertising
  • Deals
  • Coupons
  • Link to iTunes

Preview your app on your phone before publishing or updating an existing app